by Admin 10. August 2014 15:08

To all my Friends and Family especially the Raubeson family. Specifically my grandmother Sue Raubeson. The Murder investigation about her first husband Colin L Raubeson death has now been closed. The investigation was started in December of 2013 in the state of Vermont. It was conducted by Sargent Commander Darren Annis.

 It has been concluded at this point in time Neither Sue Raubeson or Joseph P Schipon had or played any part in his death. This investigation was started by me in response to being attacked and harassed by my aunt Irene Raubeson Lerz. And also statements made by Joseph P Schipon.

 I am sorry for my part in all this. It was never my intent to make people relive the pain of losing my grandfather Colin L Raubeson.   I started this investigation in hopes to bring justice for my family and to stop the harassment by my aunt. In the end no one has come out a winner. We have all lost something due to the Man / Monster know as Joseph P Schipon.


Irene's Request / Demands Part 1

by jraubeson 5. July 2014 11:07

Below is the letter of Demands sent to me via web site from Irene Raubeson aka Shaba 123.

Following is my response back to her.  It was after November 16 2013 she began her attacks on me via Facebook, Twitter, and a mass email to most Raubeson family members.

From: shaba123


Let me preface this message by stating that I am not interested in any debate or negotiation of any kind with you. I am extending a one-time offer and you can take it or leave it. If you are interested in the truth you will probably accept my offer. If you are interested in creating a story that only you are happy with, then most likely you will not. It is up to you.

I have completed the DNA test. This test will link me with others who have completed the test and share my DNA - if I choose to share my results. I would be more inclined to share my results with you if you would clear up the following ms-information that you have been posting in various locations around the internet:

1. My mother's legal name as it appears on her birth certificate is Sue Rockwell - NOT Susan.
2. Sue Rockwell Raubeson was NEVER married to Joseph Paul Schipon.
3. Colin never lived in Grandview. He enlisted in the Navy before we moved there.
4. Please remove any mention of the abuse Helen suffered at the hands of Skip. This happened when she was a minor and those records are sealed. Also it has nothing to do with whether or not Colin is your father.
5. Please remove any mention of Sue going to prison. If she is indeed your grandmother, I am sure you would not want to disparage her in that way.
6. Please remove any other damaging posts that I may not know about and refrain from any future posts that slander my family in any way.

I also ask for your word that if we do NOT share any DNA that you will remove any post or ancestry link listing Colin as your father and delete all the associated relatives from your tree.

Of course there is the possibility that you could burn me by re-posting these things after you get the results you want, but I am appealing to any sense of decency you may have. If you ARE Colin's son and you want any chance of this family accepting you as such, then you need to begin by extending some good will and honoring our family name. We have endured much abuse in our past, we only ask that you not publicize it to the world.

So if you are interested in my offer start with the items listed above - then take the DNA test. If you do this, I give you my word that I will share my DNA results with you. If you and I share any DNA I may even agree to give you a lock of Colin's hair for more in-depth DNA testing. However, I honestly cannot agree to that at this point. I guess it depends on your actions moving forward.


Inbox Nov 16 4:50 PM GMT

rprocto2 Hello Aunt Irene,
I hope you had a good birthday. I have just read your letter you sent me via I write you this response to show that I am willing to be diplomatic in regards to the situation involving are family's. I must ask you how do you expect for me to trust you at your word? Considering you broke your word before on DNA testing. I' am willing to discuss over the phone with you or Grandmother what you have proposed in your letter. That way I can not post are negotiations here on Thus giving you piece of mind of me not "Burning you". Keep in mind you reached out to me. I have not contacted you or your family respecting your wishes. Joe H (my phone number)

After this a couple more emails went back and forth between us.  Sad to say there was no positive out come. I will post those at a later date. It will be called Irene Request / Demands Part 2


Irene's Request / Demands Part 2

by jraubeson 5. July 2014 11:07

Below is Part 2 of the letters of Demands sent to me via web site from Irene Raubeson aka Shaba 123.  It was after November 16 2013 she began her attacks on me via Facebook, Twitter, and a mass email to most Raubeson family members.

From: shaba123

shaba123: I did say that this was not a negotiation and I do not wish to speak you on the phone. I will not be bullied or shamed into helping you. My offer still stands if you are willing to follow it to the letter. You really risk nothing by following my wishes and it is all easily reversed if I do not live up to my end of the bargain. I hope you are genuinely interested in learning the truth and you will treat your potential new family with dignity and respect by removing the hurtful posts. In closing I will say this, if Colin is indeed your father, we want to know about it. Colin was an amazing human being and we love him very much. I hope you reconsider. Please note that I will not respond again unless I see the results that I am asking for.

Inbox Nov 17 2:34 AM GMT


Murder of a Raubeson

by jraubeson 4. June 2014 18:06

 It's been 47 year this month since his death of my grandfather Colin L Raubeson.  I know from communications with some Raubeson family members and others. That they believe he was Murdered and it was not Suicide.

I like to engage all Raubesons to ask questions about his death and help bring to justice his killer. Sad to say his surviving children from his second marriage know the truth and are protecting his killer. They will say anything to shut down or stop any contact with me. They will make statements questioning my paternity to the Raubeson name. I do not seek any money or inheritance. I only want recognition of my relationship to my fathers family.  And Justice for my grand father Colin Louis Raubeson.  Please feel free to contact me on this matter.

You can email me at:


Emails that show Imfomation was given freely by Irene Raubeson

by jraubeson 1. June 2014 10:06

Below are just a few emails showing that Irene Raubeson freely gave me information such as news articles and photo's.

You may ask why do I post theses emails for all to see?  The answer being that  starting in late November of 2013 when she started an attack campaign on me through various on line and social media sites.  These sites were Twitter, Facebook,  There may be other sites as well that I may not know of as of yet.  She made such claims that I was committing ID theft of my fathers name. (Colin C Raubeson)  She also claimed that I stole photos of my father from her.  After she had given them to me. She also try to claim she had copyrights on said photo's.  She also accused of helping me to commit fraud. Need less to say all her claims were proven to be lies! She also failed to back up her false complaints to these sites with required documentation that they asked for. This blog post in closing is to help educate people on the kinda person she really is and what she is capable of doing to others.

Re: Hello
From:*Irene ##### <>*
To:romulusprime <>
Date:Wed, November 7, 2012 6:18 pm











here are some of the articles I found.



.pdf of newspaper article
From:Irene #### <>
To:romulusprime <>
Date:Wed, September 26, 2012 10:35 pm


article is about half way down the page in the center.

##### pic (Child of incest)
From:Irene #### <>
To:romulusprime <>
Date:Thu, September 27, 2012 9:49 pm


.I removed this photo attachment of child of incest form this email.
A picture tells a thousand words...

 Well above is just a few of the emails Irene sent me with photo's and news articles. *I have edited her emails from original form. These edits remove her married last name and also in her Yahoo email address.  And photo attachment of child of incest.*


Emails that involved phone calls between Irene and I

by jraubeson 24. May 2014 21:05
Good Morning! Irene,

Thank you for sending the article, and then typing it out. I want to say thanks for calling yesterday. I don't know what you thought or did after are call. But I will tell you I sat down and just thought about are talk and the terrible thing he put your family thought. And the thought of what it will be like when you tell your sister you and I spoke over phone.  I called my aunt Eileen on the phone and told her about us finding each other and talking on phone. She's very happy for me but caution me to be care full. Which I am sure your mom feels same way for you.
I also went on line looking for more information via Bing, and   I found more stuff I like to share with you.  I also think I now know who the man listed on my birth cert. is.  I think it may be your brothers name. I looked at your tree and saw he past away in 1981. There more to that i like to tell you about over phone.  I am home all day today. If you like call me on land line.  I call you but, I don't have call ID to look up your number on land line.  Here's my land line again.  703-###_####

Thank You!    Joe H
Thursday, September 27, 2012 7:29 AM

Irene's response:

I am in a complete and total state of shock right now.  When we got off the phone last night I immediately called my older sister Helen.  She has been more of a mother to me than my real mother ever has been.  She is such an amazing person to have survived such horrendous abuse and go on to have a healthy marriage, 2 wonderful children and to earn a Master's degree in Education.  She is a special education teacher.  Anyway the reason I tell you this is because Helen is my absolute confidant and I trust her more than anyone else in my family.  When I told her about you and when you are born, she said that remembered Skip forcing your mother to sleep with my brother, Colin  He was only 16 or 17 at the time.  It was so upsetting to him that he ran off and joined the Navy the day he graduated from High school.  You were born 4 month later.  *The other thing Helen said to me was that she thought the reason your birth name is Raubeson is because your biological father is actually Colin!  At first I was doubtful, but then your email, said the same thing.  If that is the case, I wonder why your mother never told you?  I guess a DNA would solve the mystery.
Wow my mind is spinning right now, I can only imagine what you are going through.
I can tell you more about my brother if you want.  I have not talked to Kathy yet..I want to think about the best way to tell her.  She has no idea that you exist at all!
Call me at 845-###-####.

Sent:Thursday, September 27, 2012 @6:16 pm

* See bold underline statement made by Irene.  This shows that members of her own family think or have entertained I might be Colin's son.  But yet they treat me like I don't exists. Or in Irene's case, who likes to harass me and make faults complaints on a verity of different social networks.  


My first Letter to Irene Raubeson and her response Via

by jraubeson 9. May 2014 18:05
My first letter to Irene Raubeson Via

Hello My Name is Joseph E Hover. My Birth last name was Raubeson. My mothers name was Rose A Hover from Dalton Ma. I am searching for my birth Father. His name is Joseph P Schipon. I don't recall much about him for I was a toddler when my parents parted ways. I was told many things about him mostly bad. I am hoping to find him and to find answer and reason to what happened between my parents. I grew up hearing my mother's side of things. I like to hear my fathers side as well. I was told I had a half sister with the last name Raubeson. Are you maybe her? I was told my father had a few different names he went by: Joseph Raubeson,Joseph Schipon, and Colin Cameron. The last name was what he had my mother put down on my birth certificate. I was born in South Carolina on October 29, 1974. He had another son named Anthony M Raubeson "Tony" born in Pittsfield Mass. I greatly appreciate hearing back from you one way or the other on this matter.
Thank You!
Joe Hover
Sent September 26,2012
Note: There has been some changes done to this message since it was originally sent via

Irene response via

Hi Joe!

I can tell you what I know about your father and his family. You are right about all the alias'. In addition to the ones you mentioned we knew him as Skip Harrington and Joseph Schipon. We always called him Skip. Unfortunately, most of what I know about your father is not very nice and I am not sure I can even write it down. So I guess I should start with the easy stuff.

Your father had a relationship with my mother and he lived with us for about 4 years.  But I do remember him vividly. They had a child together, and that child, ######## #######, **is a half sister to both of us. #####** was born in 1971 in Far Rockaway, NY.

I remember your mother Rose, too. She stayed with our family for a while back in the 70's, I was young...about 8 years old and it was complicated.

The name on your birth my father's last name. My father committed suicide in 1967. The name RAUBESON is unique and was made up by my grandfather. My grandparents had 8 children and I know them all along with all my cousins. In fact anyone with the name RAUBESON has been traced back to my grandfather, until I came across the name Anthony Raubeson in a newspaper clipping.

Once I was able to trace Anthony to Rose Hover I was able to connect the dots and determine that Skip must have fathered a child and used the name Raubeson on the birth certificate. He was evading the law at that time, so it makes sense he would not use the name Schipon, which is unique too, by the way,

Your grandparents on your father's side are from Middletown, NY. Oddly enough that is where # #### ###*, though I did not know this until I started my research here on Ancestry. Your father was born here too! Your grandparents are Nicholas and Virginia and lived in Pittsfield, MA for most of their lives. I remember visiting them there when I was little.

Anyway, I sure there is lots more I can tell you, we should probably talk on the phone. But, you may not want to hear the details I can give you, so I would understand if you don't want to pursue this any further. At the very least I can connect you with your half sister, #####. **

If you would like to talk, let me know, we can set up time to talk on the phone,

Take care!

Note: There has been some changes done to this message since it was originally sent via

##* Means personal address removed
#** Means a persons who was a product of incest.  Joseph P Schipon is the father, but Sue is not the mother. One of her daughters is the mother.  I was told this by Joseph P Schipon.


How It Began

by jraubeson 6. May 2014 20:05
My fist blog is about how it all began with my search for my Biological Father.  Growing up asking questions about who my father was, was very taboo or a closed subject.  My mothers parents Ann and Edward Hover, only knew what my mother had told them and what they personally had witnessed. My mothers two younger sisters, I have since found out a couple of years ago knew much more.  They both had helped keep many of my mothers secrets for her even after her death on May 30, 2008. I have to say I respect them for keeping their word or bond to my mother by keeping her secrets.  But I also have to say that I am very disappointed in them both for not telling me the truth about these secrets after she died.  I feel personally they should have since the secrets also involved me.

I remember growing up being told that a man know by many as Joe or Skipp was my father.  That he had many names and aliases. Among these names were Raubeson, Schipon, and Harrington.  What little my mother said about him was very negative and for the most part very horrifying.  He was a man and a monster combined as one.  Who some have told me was very conniving and brutal to all women in general.  Mom had told me and my brother Tony that this man beat her so bad and threw her down 2 flights of stairs.  Which ended her in the Hospital hemorrhaging to death while pregnant with a a set of twins. She ended up having a boy and girl at 6 months which died with in minutes after birth. After he did that to her, he left Massachusetts.  And It was thought he had gone back to NY to be with his wife Sue and daughter Kathy. 

When I was in middle school, I saw my South Carolina Birth certificate for the first time.  I saw the name Colin Cameron Raubeson listed on it as my father.  I asked my mom who Colin was?  She became very up sett with my question to her.  Her response was it was a aliases put on my birth Certificate so the law could not track Skipp down. I later asked my grand mother Ann Hover about this and this was her response to me.  The name Colin Cameron Raubeson belong to a nice young man in the US Navy. Who was some how related to Skips wife Sue.  She also said my Grandfather Edward Hover met him. 

Apparently my mother had applied for Welfare and food stamps.  A requirement for receiving such benefits was that the state wanted to go after my father for child support. My grand father along with a state police officer friend contacted the Navy and found him.  But when it came time for both him and my mom to sign child support papers my mother backed out.  She then made the statement she was not sure if he was my father.  This upset my grandparents a lot when they heard this from her.  They felt like my mom had used them and lied and was keeping secrets. My Grand mother said she was so disappointed in my mother and the fact she could have ruined this young man's Navy career.  That my mother should know better being raised in a Catholic home.  I ask my grandmother how could this have ruined his career? She said both her brothers had served in the Navy.  That the Navy dose not take light of men who don't take care of their kids or walk out on them. 

Years after my mothers death I started to hear stories and rumors about who my father was.  I also heard my mother was raped as well.  That Colin was my father and my mother backed out of signing the child support paper work.  Due to fear of Skipp and Colin's mother Sue.  But at that point I did not know why mom would fear Sue?  I could understand why she feared Skipp. But as of now I know why my mother feared her and I know all the things she has done.  She is not the innocent victim that she like to makes people believe she was.

In 2012 I officially began my journey in finding out the truth and also which one of these men was my father. I did this with the web site. The following blogs will consist of emails and messages via that site. It it will also show the relationship that began as well between me and Colin's sister Irene.  And over the course of time how things changed between us.  I will edit some of the emails and messages for they contain personal email and residential address. To post such personal information would be disrespectful to others even if not on good terms with them at this time. 


Welcome to the Raubeson Blog

by Admin 26. April 2014 18:04
This blog has been setup to add in stories, information and other details that is not on the main website.  This is designed so that people visiting can make comments about different things.  In the near future, people will be allowed to register to add content but for now will be limited to comments only.  Please keep a friendly tone and keep to social norms in communication.  Any comments that are deemed inappropriate maybe edited for content or deleted.


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